Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED), an initiative of the Department of Finance, today organised an introductory program for the first student Entrepreneurial Club in Upper TCV School. The function was graced by Finance Kalon, Mr. Tsering Dhundup, who was the keynote speaker, Upper TCV Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi and Senior School Head Mistress Ms. Ngawang Lhamo. TED Executive program officer Mr. Tenzin Khenrab and TED student program Officer Mr. Tenzin Norsang were also present. The program was attended by 408 students of class 11 and 12 including the senior staff and teachers of the school.

The TED student entrepreneurship program aims to educate the Tibetan students about entrepreneurship by supporting the various Tibetan school administrations in inculcating the CBSE entrepreneurship elective into the school curriculum and also introduce an extra-curricular activity such as Entrepreneurial club in the schools. TED will be formulating the model for the entrepreneurial club in collaboration with the particular schools and also in consultations with the University of Maryland, Washington.

Finance Kalon, Mr. Tsering Dhundup gave a brief talk on the vision and aim of the TED student entrepreneurship program and also a highly inspirational talk to the students about entrepreneurship. He also motivated the students by talking about the potential and the positive impact an entrepreneur can have on the development of the Tibetan community on the whole and also provide an opportunity for economic self-sustenance of the Tibetan diaspora.

TED Student coordinator, Mr. Tenzin Norsang gave a presentation on the TED student program and an introduction into entrepreneurship citing live examples from the entrepreneurship world. During the presentation, he specifically stressed on the point that “creativity and innovation” is the way forward to achieve entrepreneurship success.

TED is a recently conceptualised initiative of the Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) aiming to mobilise and amplify Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit by fostering, nurturing, accelerating value-add connections and celebrating entrepreneurship. TED aims to affect the profound transformation of the Tibetan community in-exile with its role as a mobiliser of the Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit to partake in global opportunities and contribute to the community’s economic well-being. In doing so, TED aims to support existing businesses’ expansion and sustainability, as well as convert high-potential youth business ideas into successful ventures.