Apply for TED Pre-Incubation Training

Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED) invites applicants for Pre-Incubation Training. To be eligible to apply, entrepreneurs must meet the following parameters:

For ideation entrepreneurs:

  • Must have an innovative and feasible business idea.
  • Have been in business operation for less than 1 year or in ideation stage.
  • Must have strong intention to register their business.
  • Intention to grow your business in future and provide employment opportunities for Tibetans.
  • Should be able to work with outside incubators and able to work from the space provided by the incubators.
  • Should be able to provide updates on their activities during their pre-incubation phase.

Judging criteria:

Applicant’s application will be accessed by the team of selection committee and the advisory board of the TED based on the following criteria:

  1. Business Model: Business models of applicants will be evaluated on innovativeness, sustainability and ability to scale. Enterprises must demonstrate how they can reach long-term financial stability /growth with viable rates of return. They must also demonstrate the potential to replicate their innovative business model across regions, as well the unique value proposition needed to thrive in a competitive market.
  2.  Impact: Applicants should present the impact of their business to the communities and how it will benefit the customers from their operations.
  3. Team: Applicants will also be evaluated on the basis of the strength of their leadership team and the expertise involved in their business. The application should also describe the network they have already developed.


TED presents selected entrepreneurs with a package of benefits to support you throughout your journey of business growth. You will have the access to resources, expertise, and mentorship to help you strengthen your business. TED will also support you financially with an initial investment in your business after the successful completion of the pre-incubation training.

You will have the option to submit an online application at or email a completed application to [email protected] If you have issues filling out an application online, you can approach your settlement officer for the application form and submit the completed form to the settlement officer.

No, unfortunately we don’t accept application form in other language apart from English.

By applying for TED program, you will have the benefits of unparalleled access to the vibrant community of innovators, investors, experts, mentors and capital support.

There are no registration fees for the program.

All expenses will be covered by TED during the pre-incubation training. Personal expenses are the responsibility of the entrepreneur.

Yes, TED will provide accommodation and food facilities only to the selected entrepreneur. If in case the center does not provide accommodation, TED will arrange the accommodation outside the premises and provide stipend as a compensation for the meals. 

During the pre-incubation period, you will learn to develop a business plan, shape your ideas, and learn about the business registration process, entrepreneurship concepts and how to build networks with other entrepreneurs.

Yes, once selected for the pre-incubation, you will automatically become a TED entrepreneur and will have access to TED services and programs such as  participation in business plan competition for seed funding and the incubation program.

Yes, you can bring only one partner to the incubation center but TED will bear only the incubation training cost. Food and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the partner.

In case if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call Tenzin Wangyal (+91 980 503 5128) or Tenzin Norsang (+91 981 676 8569).

TED Pre-Incubation Training Application

Only completed applications will be considered for the pre-incubation program/


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Company Name
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Annual Revenue:
Up to INR 1.2 lac (Up to 10,000 per month)Between 1.2 lac and 3 lacs (10,001 to 25,000 per month)Between 3 lacs and 6 lacs (25,001 to 50,000 per month)More than 6 lacs (50,001+ per month)I haven't started my business yetI have a business but don't know my revenue

What is your business or business idea. Explain in 300 words or less.*

What factors to you think are important to succeed in business? (Select as many as apply): Financial Support (loans from family/bank)The right skills to do businessLocation (being in Delhi/Mumbai)Education Degree (MBA, Engineering, etc.)Legal registration statusOther (please describe below)

What are your business goals?*

Why are you interested in applying to this program?*

How much will you be able to invest once you start your business?*

What is your investment requirement?*

Who are your competitors?

What differentiates your business from competitors?

What challenges do you expect at the initial stage of your business?*

Describe your financial projections and activities?

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