TED is an initiative of the Social and Resource Development Fund (SARD) under the Department of Finance, CTA and a continuation of an EDOTS program. We offer programs and services to students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and current business owners at all stages of their business development. The Student Entrepreneurship Club introduces young Tibetans to the concepts and culture of entrepreneurship. Our Pre-Incubation Training program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea develop a business plan. Our Business Incubation program helps current business owners reach new customers and markets to grow their business. We provide Startup Funding for qualified entrepreneurs through the TED Investment Award, Revolving Loan Fund, and Business Plan Competition for entrepreneurs that have completed Pre-Incubation training. TED provides end-to-end support for entrepreneurs at all stages of business development. Contact us to find out how we can help.


Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in the Tibetan community in order to create long-term economic sustainability and self-reliance in the Tibetan diaspora.


  • Mobilize and amplify entrepreneurship in the Tibetan diaspora.
  • Foster, nurture, and celebrate a culture of entrepreneurship in the Tibetan community.
  • Provide end-to-end support for entrepreneurs in the Tibetan community.
  • Accelerate access to knowledge, networking, mentoring, and funding to build world-class Tibetan enterprises.


Do you have a business plan or idea but not sure how to move forward?

TED is right for you.

Do you currently run a business and want to scale and grow?

TED is right for you.

Do you need assistance with business registration or incorporation?

TED is right for you.