Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED), an initiative of the Department of Finance, organizes the orientation program for its 2016 batch of Tibetan Entrepreneurs who will be starting their business development support from May. The function was graced by the Finance Minister, Mr. Tsering Dhundup and Secretaries of the Finance Department Mr. Thinley Gyatso and Mr. Ngodup Dorjee.

The selected Tibetan Entrepreneurs have been identified for the TED program through an intensive and rigorous multi-phase selection process which focused on the scalability of the business, the viability of the business plan and their potential positive impact on the Tibetan community. A total of 6 entrepreneurs were selected from the 19 that applied for the program. The entrepreneurs will receive the experience and support from highly trained professionals from various fields and also from other businesses located on campus. The incubation centre boasts of work spaces equipped with everything they need for the training sessions during their pre-incubation phase of the program.

Finance Minister, Mr. Tsering Dhundup gave a brief talk on the vision and aim of the TED program. He also motivated the entrepreneurs by talking about the potential and the positive impact an entrepreneur can have on the development of the Tibetan community and also provide an opportunity for all Tibetans towards intellectual and economic freedom particularly stressing on the current reality of the Tibetan community’s situation.

The TED program seeks to develop businesses through the external incubation institutes by getting their strategy, financials and business plan in shape, and also preparing them for fundraising conversations with investors. The four entrepreneurs will be attending the pre-incubation program at O.P Jindal Global University’s incubation Centre. This particular program combines a rigorous curriculum with practical experience shared by successful entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

TED is an initiative of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) aiming to mobilize and amplify Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit by fostering, nurturing, accelerating value-add connections and celebrating entrepreneurship. TED aims to affect the profound transformation of the Tibetan community in-exile with its role as a mobilizer of the Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit to partake in global opportunities and contribute to the community’s economic well-being. In doing so, TED aims to support existing businesses’ expansion and sustainability, as well as convert high-potential youth business ideas into successful ventures.