Tibetan Entrepreneurship Program (TED), an initiative of the department of finance, Central Tibetan Administration, today conducted a Business Plan Competition for its 2nd batch of Entrepreneurs who have recently completed their Pre-incubation program and are currently in the incubation phase of their business Development.

The aim of the Business Plan Competition is to provide Seed Funding to the entrepreneurs and to provide a platform for pitching their business. The panel of Judges are all experts in various fields of entrepreneurship and the jury provided valuable advice and suggestions for the future of the business and also set the milestones, according to which the seed funding will be released. The Seed Fund investment is part of the phase where TED provides investment of its own to support the most deserving entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs will continue to receive mentoring support from TED and also have the opportunity to utilize the TED network in connecting with potential investors.

Jampa Tendar, co-founder of the Keera and one of the TED 2nd batch Entrepreneurs said, “The experience we had during our pre-incubation training was something different. In the short period of 5 weeks, we learnt so much and we were able to develop our concrete business plan. Personally, I can now confidently say we are ready to take our business to the next level in the coming times and I am sure the other TED entrepreneurs feel the same way too. “

TED is a recently conceptualised initiative of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) aiming to mobilise and amplify Tibetan entrepreneurship spirit by fostering, nurturing, accelerating value-add connections, and celebrating entrepreneurship. TED aims to affect the profound transformation of the Tibetan community in exile with its role as a mobiliser of the Tibetan entrepreneurial spirit to partake in global opportunities and contribute to the community’s economic well-being. In doing so, TED aims to support existing business’ expansion and sustainability, as well as convert high-potential youth business ideas into successful ventures.