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Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED), an initiative of SARD under Department of Finance of the Central Tibetan Administration invites application from potential Tibetans Entrepreneurs in India to avail the TED services. TED aims to provide end to end business development support to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. To be eligible to apply, the entrepreneurs must meet certain criteria based on the needs of their business. In general, TED aims to be an agent of change in helping orient Tibetan entrepreneurs and businesses towards becoming competitive, sustainable and impact-oriented. TED aims to affect the profound transformation of the Tibetan community to partake in global opportunities and contribute to the community’s economic well-being. In doing so, TED aims to convert high-potential business ideas into successful ventures as well as support existing businesses’ expansion and sustainability.

Entrepreneurs can apply to any one of the following services of TED based on your needs for your business. TED presents you the package of benefits to support you throughout your journey of business growth. You will have the access to resources, expertise, and mentorship to help you strengthen your business Strategy, fund raising goals and access to global networks through our extensive partners.


How do I apply?

You will have the option to fill the application online through www.tibetanentrepreneurs.org , fill the application and submit it online. If in case you are facing issues with applying online, you can approach your local Settlement office for the application form and fill the necessary details as requested and submit the same to the Settlement office. They will send the filled application to us.


Is it possible to submit the applications in languages other the English?

No, unfortunately at this point to time we don’t accept application forms in any other languages apart from English.


Is graduation a compulsory to avail TED services?

Yes, Graduation is compulsory for most of the TED services. Please refer application annexures for detail.


Why should I apply?

By applying for the TED program, you will have the benefits of unparalleled access to the vibrant community of innovators, investors, experts, mentors and capital support.


Can I participate in the TED business plan presentation if I apply only for seed funding? 

No. If you apply only for seed funding, you will be eligible only for the startup capital through TED revolving loan fund program. TED will assist you to procure the low interest loan amount as per your requirement. To be eligible for the TED business plan presentation you will have to attend the TED pre-incubation training.


Can I apply for all the TED service at one time?

If you apply for the pre-incubation training program, you will automatically receive all the other support services sequentially however applying for the other services you will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to avail the other services. For example, to receive the funding support you will need to be a registered entity, and to receive the legal support you will need to have a concrete business plan. Hence an entrepreneur won’t be able to apply for both the legal support and the business plan development support as without a concrete business plan you will not be fulfilling the legal support criteria.


Is there any registration fee for the different programs?

No, there are no registration fees.


Do I incur any cost during the pre-incubation training & incubation support?

No, all the expenses will be borne by TED during the pre-incubation & incubation period.


Does TED provide accommodation and meals during the pre-incubation training?

Yes, TED will provide accommodation and meals facilities only to the selected entrepreneur during the pre-incubation training. If in case the center does not provide accommodation, TED will arrange the accommodation outside the premises and provide stipend as a compensation for the meals.


What will I learn during the pre-incubation training?

During the pre-incubation period, you will learn to develop business plan, shape your ideas, and learn about registration process, entrepreneurship concepts and to build networks with the other entrepreneurs.


Can I get other support services after the pre-incubation training program?

Yes, once you are selected for the pre-incubation training, you will automatically become a TED entrepreneur and will receive all the services like business registration support, incubation support, seed funding & acceleration support.


Can I bring my partner to the incubation center during pre-incubation & incubation training?

Yes, you can bring only one partner to the incubation center but TED will bear only the incubation cost. Food and accommodation cost should be borne by oneself.


I need only legal registration support. Will TED bear all the legal registration cost?

There will be a separate guidelines for the legal registration support. Registration & Legal documents expenses up to 30,000 of which 75% of the invoice amount will be borne by TED.


Whom should I contact if I have any questions or queries?

In case if you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at www.tibetanentrepreneurs.org or call our personal relationship agents Tenzin Wangyal (+91 980 503 5128) or Tenzin Norsang (+91 981 676 8569).


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Below are the TED support services from which you are required to tick mark to select the support you require however please keep in mind the eligibility requirement to receive the particular service. If you apply for the pre-incubation training services, you will automatically be eligible to receive all the other support services of TED.

Note: Please read the details of the support services in the annexure section at the end of the document.

S. No Services Tick Reference
1 Pre-Incubation Training Please Refer Annex 1 for Details
2 Business Incubation Support Please Refer Annex 2 for Details
3 Business Plan Development Support Please Refer Annex 3 for Details
4 Legal Registration & Incorporation support Please Refer Annex 4 for Details
5 Startup capital (Loan Fund)/ Seed Funding Please Refer Annex 5 for Details

Please note that, we will be reviewing your application based on your needs of the services. Your application will be assessed by a team of selection committee and the advisory board of the TED based on the set criteria for each of the services.

Section I: Personal Details

Section II: Business Details

Section III: About Your Business

Activitities Amount(Projected)

Language Read Write

Note: During the selection process, if TED finds that your business is still very nascent and needs pre-incubation training for which you will be informed about the recommendation.